Thailand vs Malaysia (which is better)

After visiting Malaysia numerous times, and living in Thailand for four years. I have often wondered why more people visit Thailand than Malaysia…
If you wanted to sum up the two countries it would go like this. Thailand the hot younger sister that likes to take off her clothes and party, while Malaysia is the more mature older sister, that knows parting and taking your clothes off is not the way to get attention, she is also hot, but it is hard to tell because she is conservative.



Ko Lipe Thailand

Thailand’s beaches are like a worn out towel, you would like to think it still serves it’s purpose, but in reality it doesn’t. There is no end to development on formerly glorious beaches. With buses running up and down the cost any one that can say the word beach is able to travel to a Thai beach. On top of that there are so many different types of moon parties, that most beaches are turned into frat parties.

Malaysia on the other hand still has beaches that are peaceful and far far away from the frat boy party atmosphere of Thailand. With that said, Malaysia has sacrificed some of it’s beaches to the tourism gods, but have saved others from the fury of the gods.

Winner; Malaysia

KL vs Bangkok:

Bangkok: is where all of Thailand meets for various reasons, either looking for work, going to school, or trying to get ahead. Bangkok is a great place to go to get a feel of Thailand. With that said, Bangkok is like another country compared to the rest of Thailand, what drives Bangkok doesn’t always drive the rest of the country. Bangkok has great food, some of the best in Asia. It also has loads of history waiting to be discovered. Over the last couple of year Bangkok has become the place where Thailand solves it political problems. These problems take some of the shine off of Bangkok. Problems have never stopped Bangkok from succeeding.

China 358KL: The hopes of the nation are embodied in the Petronas towers. With all of its sleek buildings, and well connected public transportation system, KL still comes off a little boring compared to Bangkok. It is a great place to go to when you need a break from Bangkok, but after a few days you will be longing to go back.

Winner: Bangkok, because it is more interesting.

National Parks:

Thailand, there no such thing as national parks, they are only places where developers with the right sway can build there resort in a lovely natural environment. If you are hopping to enter the wild, you will be sadly disappointed. Every national park, has food stands, resorts, and easy hikes with in ear short of civilization.

Malaysia, is much more wild. Entering the jungle really means entering the jungle. Resorts in China 509the park are almost unheard of. While Malaysia still has vast tracks of wilderness left, it is doing its best to replace them with palm oil plantations. Even with the destruction of its wildernesses, there is a much greater chance of seeing wildlife in Malaysia then in Thailand.

Winner: Malaysia

Closing thought.

The purpose of this posting wasn’t to trash Thailand, but to challenge Thailand overdrawn reputation. At one point Thailand was a true wonderland, but at this point it is worn out, and needs a break from the travel gods love. Malaysia on the other hand is just as wonderful as Thailand if not more, but for some reason doesn’t have the love and affection of the travel gods. Malaysia should be cherished because it is not like Thailand. It has become a wealthy nation not by exploring tourist, but nature.

10 of my most favorite places in Europe

10. Porto

CIMG3428Why: Food, Culture, Wild Atlantic Beaches

9. Skopje


Why: Ottoman history, spectacular nature, food, strange we love Alexander the Great and Phillip of Macedonia monuments

8. Sofia


Why: Soviet era architecture, amazing vegetarian restaurants, and beautiful churches.

7. Istanbul


Why: Food, History, beautiful churches and mosques everywhere.

6. Ljubljana

CIMG4663 Why: Beautiful surroundings, food, the people and very hip.

5. CIMG1765

Why: Tapas, picnic in the park, art and colorful neighborhoods.

4. Zurich

CIMG2719 Why: The outdoors, parks and the lake.

3. Lisbon


Why: Food, hip neighborhoods, picnics in the park, sardines and history.

2. Berlin CIMG2557

Why: Ethnic food, curry wurst, museums, parks and it embodies the history of the 20th century.

1. Paris


Why: Food, culture, picnics in the numerous parks, cool neighborhoods, epic museums, art and the canals.

An Ode to Seville


Seville you are a Spanish city that I have a hard time getting on board with. Sure you are a lovely city with bike paths, fun festivals and lots of great history.

But you are always on the way to more exciting places. Despite my best efforts I always end up staying in a place that is over priced and is perpetually occupied by study abroad students hanging out doing their homework in the lobbies.

Seville, I don’t understand why people love you and visit you all the time. I am not old enough or am I too old to understand your charms. Either way I don’t get it.

With that said Seville I am sure I will see you again in my travels.

There is always next time.