China “the wild”


different people think of China, they think of different things.

Some people think of Chop Sticks, Kung Fu, and Panda Bears

Others think China is going to take over the world

Then there is what I thought of China……………..

Prior to my trip to China, the thing I wanted to do was to see panda bears in the “wild”, and to climb misty mountains to ponder life. After visiting China i realized that my views of China were tainted and off…  “The wild” to the Chinese  means a zoo in the middle of a massive city, where you can walk along pathways lined with bamboo, and sip tea in panda cafes.. Also,  being alone in “the wild” (if you plan on going to a mountain with any kind of history) is impossible.  Be prepared to fight off tourist vendors and massive crowds that choke the pathways. Finally, for those who are not fit enough to climb the mountain, there is always the cable car because grandma needs to see the misty mountain too!


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