China the loud….with pictogram subtitles

The first thing you notice when you enter China, the first being signs that no one reads, and the second is people yelling at you for no reason at all.

One example of no one reading signs, I was in KFC in Chendu, there are signs on every table that say DO NOT SMOKE!!!! in corner is a man sitting eating his KFC with a cigarette in his hand.

My first experience with people yelling at me was when I was in Chendu. After waiting 4 hours in line for a train ticket, the only thing I wanted was to go to Shanghai in a 1st class sleeper.

Teller: WHERE YOU GO!!!!!

Me: Shanghai.

Teller: WHERE!?!?!?!

Me: Shang-Hai….


Me: WHAT!?!?! SHANG-HI!!!! (I grab my book and show the teller Shanghi in Chinese)

Teller: WHY DID YOU SAY SO!!!!! HOW MANY?!?!

Me: Two

Teller: WHAT TIME!?!?!?

Me: 230 pm

Teller: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! WE DON’T HAVE THAT TIME!!!!!!

Me: Why don’t you tell me when I can leave?? Can I have a first class sleeper????

Teller: 500 YUAN!!!!!!

Me: Is it a sleeper????

Teller: 500 YUAN!!!!

Me: ( I hand her the money)

Teller: ( She throws my tickets at me)

Come to find out they were 2nd class sitting, for 36 hours. This lead to me getting off the train at Xian…..

Another time, I was walking to the train station in Kumming, a women comes up to me and says WHERE YOU GO?!?!?!

me: the train station


in this case she was trying to be nice, but she was still yelling at me


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