The Great Leap, and Ronald McDonald….

When I first arrived in China from Vietnam, the first thing i noticed wasn’t the blissful workers paradise, but the plethora of designer shops, filling the frontier town.

Once on the bus to Kumming, I thought I would see the country side and Maoism hard at work. Instead what I saw was a glistening six lane highway, that led to vacant cities filled with empty apartments, waiting for Chinese investors to gamble on real estate speculation. The most amazing part of Chinese “capitalism” is the massive scale in which they have embraced it. Entire cities where thrown together in a matter of a couple of years, in the middle of nowhere.

While in Chendu, I encountered one of the more ironic moments in my travels in China. Perched high above the freshly built square,  surrounded by malls, and high rises (filled with banks and investment firms), stands a statue of Mao. “Would Mao approve?” was the thought that ran through my mind…….


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