My Top 3

3. China

After visiting China I was talking about it for months to follow.
From the very moment I entered China, I knew it was not like its
southern neighbors. China is a mission to modernize every square
inch, even I that means destroying everything that makes China,
China. The first thing I loved about China was the natural beauty.
Once I managed to escape the mega cities of China I was able to see
the remarkable beauty of the countryside. While in China I was able
to see the Himalayan foothills, bamboo forests, big sky, parched
landscape, and misty mountains. The second thing I enjoyed was the
adventure of China. Most signs are written in Chinese and most of
the people don’t speak English. It was an adventure to find
transportation, food or lodging. Which was a welcomed change of
pace for SE Asia. The third thing I enjoyed about China was the
food, there is so much diversity in the Chinese cuisine, that
eating out was always an adventure. My personal favorite is Bai
cuisine, it was a mixture of yak meat and cheese, potatoes, and
various other meats. each meal was an explosion of flavor. In a
close second is Peking duck, it is some of the best duck I have
ever had!!(no joke)

2. Sri

Unlike China, Sri Lanka is everything I ever
wanted without the hassle of dodging spit wads and people yelling
at you. 1. The first thing that I love about Sri Lanka, is the tea!
They have it down to a science. China also has it down to a
science, but there is something about weeds floating in my tea that
just is not that good. Sri Lanka on the other hand, boils it to
just the right temperature, puts in just the right amount of sugar.
2. The hill stations. They are a wonderful oasis, the constantly
cool temperatures make you forget that you are in South Asia. 3.
The food. Some countries do a really great job making their food
look awesome. (ex Thailand, they cook it and serve it in a way that
says eat me I’m delicious) Sri Lanka does not put that effort into
their food, it looks like you may get sick from it, DON’T let this
stop you from trying it. The combinations of curries, Nan, and tea
make for a great meal anytime of day During my visit in Sri Lanka
there was only two things that annoyed me. 1. The constant cutting
in lines, they have no considerations for lines ,and they aren’t
even discrete about it. 2. Finally the constant head bobbing!


Is my favorite because of the adventure it offers. At one
there is Bali with its resorts and Australians, at the other is a
vast wilderness filled with animals and people yet to be
discovered. In-between is volcanos and untouched beaches. Granted
the land of spice doesn’t really offer much in the way of great
food, but it makes up with this short coming with its wealth of
geographical wonders.

Honorable Mention, Malaysia

Even though the jungle is being replaced by palm farms, Malaysia is a lovely place with lots of culture and history. A trip to any city will see the local Chinese population dining on nan and curry, while the local Indian population is eating wontons with chop sticks. traveling to any city (esp Penang, and Melaka) will lead you on a culinary adventure, that will leave you wanting more. Along with the culinary delights, is a not so vast wilderness, peppered (or salted) with white sand beaches. If that was not enough, KL is a slick metropolis with modern malls and indoor amusement parks.


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