My Quest

My quest is to find the land of milk and honey, for five dollars. This quest fills my time with planning, and preparing, for the best location for this quest. After all of that work, I usually discover a retired couple with a roller bag, and a tour guide to lead them to my land of milk and honey. The problem with the land of milk and honey, is that everyone is looking for it. nine times out of ten, hundreds of people discovered it before you..( if you are looking for the perfect beach, it’s a lost cause unless you have lots of money )
Along the way I have discovered several varieties of travelers. (some more annoying than others)

1. Asian tour groups (they are the anti-land of milk and honey) They are looking for paradise too, but they want all their friends and family to join the in their quest, and for this quest to be full service. The best kind of nature is the one full of resorts and pampering.

2. The noob
To them everything is an “experience”, from going to seven eleven and buying a coke, with coke written in another language, to tweeting, and facebooking about every magical “experience”. Meanwhile never leaving the comfort of the well trodden tourist path.

3. Hippies, these people have been traveling for so long that they have lost themselves. They often talk about how life changing, working at a guesthouse and trying to learn the language is.

4. Gap Yearers, these people have somehow found a way to travel for years on end by only doing minimal work. They are either really jaded and tired, or they are still wide eyed loving every moment of their freedom. This variety, is usually the most envied by other travelers.

5. The couple, these people have embarked on a quest to test their love for each other by spending months on end together. This variety is usually the least social of the groups. (unless they are both noobs)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. lauren says:

    I love this post. You certainly have these groups of people
    down to a science; however, I’m disappointed that you failed to
    mention the “everyone’s a professional photographer”


  2. Paulette Hoyt says:

    I love to read your writtings. Always interesting.


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