The new face of travel (growth of capitalism)

The face of travel is like all things is changing, for the better not likely. Traveling with a backpack use to mean forging your own path, seeing which way the wind will blow you, and enduring some unpleasant experiences. Each experience was to be taken, and cherished. You were forging your own path, exploring was never meant to be easy after all.
This all changed when backpackers began having more money and less time. The “journey” changed to the “trip”. The goal was no longer discovering your self, and the strange new world around you, but to have as many mini “experiences” as possible, with as much structure and beer as possible.
Long gone are the days of the nobel nomad, in its place is a toxic brew of frat boys, and middle class families. The code of the nomad was to follow the wind, it was not the destination but the journey that mattered. This has been replaced with booking rooms months in advanced, tour groups, beer, resorts, and crappy souvenirs that aren’t even of any cultural value, just some crap to sell to tourists.
These days following the wind is becoming difficult, due to families, and cubical workers planning and booking their dream trip months or even a year in advance, making finding guesthouse rooms on short notice increasing difficult, if not impossible.
This is another example of capitalism pushing the less affluent out closer to the fringes.


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  1. Booking ahead for resorts or hotels, even for a free ride to your lodging is fine, but this has crossed the line, the book early people are moving into the traditional nomad territory. This influx of richer people will eventually lead to poorer nomands being pushed out of travel altogether. With the rise of vacationing prices, resorts or traditional family venues, are moving outside of the avrage middle class families range. tihs will lead these people to discover there money still goes a long way in the nomad world of travel. Families will move to discount travel options, but demand still the same services they would get in higher levels of travel acomindations, eventually pushing prices up, and nomads out. It is another example of capitalism destroying the dreams of the little guy.


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