Traveling as a Couple.

People are always looking for new ways to see if they are compatible with their other, to see if they will stand the test of time.
One of the easiest ways to see if you and your other are made for each other is to travel together. When I say travel I don’t mean let’s go to Cancun for a week, and stay in a beautiful resort, with room service. Traveling that way only continues the dating game. If you are willing to step away from the game of dating and want to really get know your other, then you should step out side of your comfort zone. Travel to a country that scares you a little or isn’t as easy. Don’t stay in nice places, take local transportation, eat local food together. The misery will draw you closer, or pull you a part. If you want to know what kind of person you are dating, putting them in uncomfortable situations, this is the best way to see how they will react and behave in “non-dating mode”. Sharing terrible experiences with the person you’re dating is a bonding experience.
When you travel, you see everything, from throwing up, to random bursts of anger. Once you have seen your other in these situations it is then that you are truly able to judge what kind of person you are dealing with. Not many people can fake it when they hate life.
For me, I knew I was dating the right person, when we in the middle of some island in no where Indonesia. That is when I knew I was dating a keeper. After days of only eating a single fruit salad some coffee, and corn on the cob, and my other was still wanting to continue, even though she was weak tired, and throwing up all the time. The reward of making it to a beautiful beach was enough for her to press on. Under no normal circumstances would I have been able to see this side of her.
In short I highly recommend being uncomfortable together to see how much you really like each other, before you take it to the next level.


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  1. tina says:

    mike, love it. but i sure how much i love being in uncomfortable travel. I think it worth a try, so my next trip is Uganda!

    tina u know


  2. tina says:

    mike, love it. but i am not sure how much i love being in uncomfortable travel. I think it worth a try, so my next trip is Uganda!

    tina hi so u know


  3. Daan Ramaekers says:

    Like the story mike! pretty awesome reading 😉 Very recognisable as big Daan and I went through the same thing 😀

    Daan (the little one)


  4. peterdewit says:

    This is really hilarious. I am not sure that I would go about finding my “keeper’ in the same way. Let’s just say that ‘Your’s truly’ is quite an extraordinary person to follow you around in some of the oddest places on the globe. I wonder if you would do the same for her… Mmmm? How about we let her chose the whole vacation spots next time and see how much you are ready to enjoy the sites and afterwards, your beloved one!


    1. That is what Europe has been. We are off to Spain next, I have little interest in visiting Spain.


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