Mystical Brunei

Too often Malaysia, Thailand, and the other titans of tourism in southeast Asia steal all of the attention and money of tourists and gap yearers, but right in the middle of the banana pancake trail is Brunei. A micro state made rich from its oil deposits. This means they don’t have to cut down their (Pristine) jungles for money.
Brunei is home to untouched jungles, and monstrous monuments to oil money. It is also home to one of Southeast Asia’s unassuming capitals. Bandar Seri Begawan is a lovely little city with clean streets, great food, and monstrous mosques. There is plenty to do in BSB to spend a weekend getting to know this oil rich micro nation. One of the top destination in BSB is the Sultan’s Mosque this larger then life Mosque is the focal point of the city. If you have some money to burn Brunei also gives you the opportunity to stay in a prince’s palace.
Brunei is a welcome escape from the hassles of the overpriced national parks of Sabah. The people are polite and friendly. It is definitely one of Southeast Asia’s most underrated countries.


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