Thai Flood 2011

Before you plan your dream vacation to Thailand, you should consider a few things. The current flood situation has affect 2/3 of the country for the last couple of months, and is slowly surrounding Bangkok, each day inching ever closer. The flood has left thousands without homes or stranded inside of the flood zones. It has also destroyed a number of Thailand’s industrial centers, as well reeking havoc on this years rice crop. Thousands seek refuge in Bangkok hoping either to find work, or to start their lives over. Even Bangkok is not safe from the merciless flooding.

With Thousands stranded in their homes, Thailand is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster. Unless people can find a way to feed those that have been left behind. Compounding the situation is the fact everyday the water becomes more toxic to human health. The water is becoming a breeding groups for water-borne diseases,  and other sicknesses related to the poor hygiene. The people left in the flood zones also face the problem of escaped crocodiles, and deadly snakes.

But there is hope, volunteers from around the country as well as expats living in Bangkok have gone out to help those left behind. Helping is no easy task. Since highways are flooded, volunteers need hitch hike on large trucks passing through the area. This is the only way to reach the flood zones, without a helicopter. The other problem is that the flood water ranges from 3-4 feet, thus volunteers will need boats to reach those left in the area. The last problem facing volunteers, is how to reach those unable to make it to food drop points?

You can help in several ways.Tell people what is going on in Thailand, greater awareness will help those left behind not to be forgotten. You can also give your money or your time, to help volunteers get to those in need.

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