Sabaidee Lao

After living in Bangkok, Laos is like a welcomed oasis of cafes, bliss and nature.

The street of Vientiane are quite and dusty, shops are closed by 6pm. It could be one of Asia’s most unassuming capitals. My favorite activity in Vientiane is walking the streets looking for the best cafe to drink coffee and read a book.

After spending a few days unwinding, I enjoy walking to the different temples located near the city center, with stops at cafe peppered in between.

As great as Vientiane is, Lunag Prabang is a marvel. It’s biggest draw is strolling the streets exploring ancient temples. Followed by coffee at one of the many cafes located near the “city” center. Topped off with a sunset cruse of the Mekong River.

Laos is a place to relax, and fall in love with life.


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  1. Oh says:

    I have been to Laos only once, and I loved it! It’s a city, but so laid back and easy going that you just ease in. And the people so friendly there too I think.


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