Fantasy Vs Reality.

There are two realities that would be travelers face. The first being how they image their dream destination. The second being the realities of said destination. Seeing a given destination as your dream destination, and not an actual place inhabited by real people, leads to disillusionment.

Dream destinations are often developing nation. We travel to this countries for an opportunity to connect with the past. Too often we find that in these “Dream destinations” the citizens of “dream destination” wish for their country to be like our home country. Full of malls, fast food and iPhones. We are baffled by their desire to live in a first world nation, we only see their home as a “dream vacation”. We fail to see that the citizens of said “dream destination” want the same things we want.

The other side of “dream destination is when we reach it, we discover that we don’t like being away from WiFi and our creature comforts. We complain about how uncivilized our “dream destination”. Instead of embracing isolation we were craving, we long to be home again.1977_576134804628_7273_n

We all have out expectation for a given destination. We have been planning and saving for months (maybe even years) for our “dream destination”. Since we have idealized it, we fail to see it for what it is. Traveling is not about our expectation but about being open to the experiences and expectation of our destination. Embracing the realities of destination is key to fully enjoy your “dream destination”


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  1. Grace says:

    Very well said!


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