An Ode to Bangkok

It has been five years since the I first moved to Bangkok. Over the years Bangkok has changed almost as much as I have. When I first arrived I knew no Thai, SAM_3763and I ate Khao Pak Gai everyday from six months because it was the only dish I knew. This did not stop me from falling love with Thailand. Adopting Thailand’s “mai ben rai” attitude helped me to accept how radically different Thailand was from my home.

After living in Thailand for two years I decided that I was going put a full effort into being “Thai” I adopted as many of Thai habits as I could. I learned how to read and write and I only ate Thai food for an entire summer. To my disappointment I could never move beyond being the “White Guy”. This realization lead me to adopt a hybrid life style.

My neighborhood off of Ramkamhang also changed with me, much in the same way I changed. When arriving to my new neighborhood I was surrounded by lower class housing, Thai food and karaoke bars. Over the years they began building “lifestyle plazas” and middle class housing. Over the years my neighborhood also adopted an hybrid lifestyle.

Even though living in Bangkok was not always easy. I eventually became my home. Over the years Bangkok was transferred from a city of filth to a city filled with fond memories, and full of friend I love.with memories and friends I love.


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  1. I can relate to how you feel about Bangkok. I’ve almost spent 4 years in Korea and when I think about when I first started compared to now it is night and day. I’ve matured so much and so has Korea.


    1. I am glad you enjoyed the article. Did you love Korea more because of these growing experiences?


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