What type of expat are you?

1. Colonizer


This person has traveled to a distant country to dominate the resources of that country. when Colonizers arrives in new “home” the first they do is  find locals to aid them in their goals. Second they make use of their local contacts to make their life as comfortable as possible. Colonizers will have comforts you did not even know existed with in a matter of weeks of arriving. Meanwhile you are still trying to figure out how to buy milk. Colonizers will develop a system of contacts to help them maximize their time overseas.

2. Homesick

Home sick are always trying to find ways to make their host country, like their  home country. They will spend all weekend looking for the kind of chips they use to eat in their home country. Their lives are dominated by their need to stay connected to their home countries culture. They will only cook their own food, they will only use stuff from their home country, and will spend all of their free time on social media in an attempt  stay “in the loop”. When the go home they will bring empty suit cases so they can fill with food and products to bring back to their host country.

3. Gone Native

Going Native
Going Native

This group is the complete opposite of the Homesick groups. They have abandoned their old ways and adapted the ways of their host country. They will often go years without returning to their home country. The Gone Native groups also shuns other expats because they have not embraced the local culture the way they have.

4. The Vets

They are the typical expat found in a local bar. They have lived in their host country for far too long. Often times they have married a local women, and have settled in her wife’s home town. The Vets are eager to tell you all of the short comings of their host country, they will often times have few nice things to say about their host country.

5. The Hybrid

This group has not forgotten its home country, but it has also adopted and adapted to their host country. This group has maintained their national identity, but have abandoned activities that are not practical in their host country, they have also adopted new ones from their host country.

6. The Hater

Haters are people who just hate their home country. All they do is make comments about how uncivilized their home country is, or how stupid and ignorant their home country is. They are difficult to talk to, especially if you are from the same country, since most conversations will revolve around how ignorant their (your) home country is.

7. The Bar Fly/Sexpat

The Bar Fly’s only goal is to spend their twilight years drinking cheap beer, and picking up cheap women. They spend their days hangout in local bars, drinking and picking women.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Jay-ar says:

    hhhmmm…. love this blog….every travel blog inspires me to write my experiences and adventures. As to what the travelguy96 said…every travel has it’s own flavors and textures…..


    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it!


      1. Jay-ar says:



  2. Grace says:

    I am #5. Great observations.


    1. I have lived overseas for some time, and I like studying how different people interact with their new surroundings.


  3. pippabiker says:

    I hope I am a hybrid!


    1. I would like to think the same thing.


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