Tale of Two Cities.

New York
New York

When I visit either New York or Paris I can not help but see the similarities between the two of them. Each one at one point in history was the city to live in. Each one has been the center of culture, and each one is teaming with an infectious energy. This energy draws you, and keeps you enthralled with the charms of the city. Each city has also its problems, yet when people visit these places they can not help but to fall in love with the city. I have had this experience with both cities, whenever I visit (which is not often enough). I leaving wanting to move in a live there forever.

Both Paris and New York are mirror images of each other, they both embody the era in which they reigned as the capitals of the world. When walking the streets of Paris you feel as though you have stepped back in time, to a time when writers came to the city to be inspired by the “City of Lights”. Paris embodies a time when Europe was the center of the world, and France was the center of culture. Walking down the streets you can feel the pride and arrogance of this time period. Even to this day there is this feeling that if you spent enough time in Paris you would become a more cultured person (possibly write the next great novel). There an optimistic and audacious energy that flows through New York it is everywhere in the city. This energy is best embodies the in the massive building that stretch to the heavens and now stand as monuments to what man can do if given the chance. When in New York you feel like you can achieve your dreams.


Each city has its icons. New York has the Empire State building. The Empire State Building embodies the optimism of New York. It stands tall and proud of its achievements. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, it is a symbol of European audacity. It too embodies the feeling that the achievements of the modern world were limitless.

Food is also central to each of these cities. In Paris it is the cafe, a place to ponder or discuss new ideas over coffee or a drink. In New York it is its delicatessens , these represented the diversity that has made the City great. People from all over the world came to New York in the hopes of finding a new life, along with this optimism came different ways of preparing and enjoying food.

Both New York and Paris are cities to fall in love with, there charms will lead to personal discovery.


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