Traveling as a Couple is Awesome!

Paris 1635. It’s cheaper.

The benefit of traveling as a couple is being able to split costs. Instead of staying in a $7 hostel you can now stay in a $20 hostel without killing your daily budget. Having two people can also be useful when traveling in  countries that serve large portions. Splitting meals is a great way to save money (Nine curries in Sri Lanka, this meal is to big for any normal travel, but is a manageable size for two travelers) .

4. Someone to talk to.

When traveling in countries where your native language is not widely spoken, it is nice to talk to someone who understands you. It is also useful when traveling in stressful situations,can make stressful situations bearable.Also having someone to share your experience with is better than writing about them in a journal. After a day of doing amazing stuff, it is nice to talk about the days events with someone who is important to you, instead of chit chatting with fellow travelers whom you may have no personal connection with.

3. Locals love, Love.

Being in a relationship automatically makes you more trustworthy when traveling in traditional countries.

2. Good Cop Bad Cop

When traveling as a couple there is no need to explain why you cannot do something, or why you will not pay that price. Just play good cop bad cop (I’m sorry sir my wife won’t pay that price.” or “My wife isn’t interested in your tour…sorry”)

1. It’s always better to hangout with an awesome person!

This needs no further explanation.


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