America’s Game

Over the summer I had the ability to travel to the United States, and while there I was able to go to a few baseball games. Being able to spend a portion of a summer visiting different baseball stadiums has been a life long goal of mine. Baseball has always been a magical sport for me, thus a journey like this combines two of my favorite passions (Baseball and Traveling). Baseball has my heart, I love the set pieces between a pitcher and batter, I love double plays, and of course the home runs. The following pictures are a ranking of best baseball experiences of this summer.

1. Yankee Stadium.

Yankee When visiting Yankee Stadium you can feel the pride and tradition of the organization. Everyone from the players to the beer guy embrace the history and pedigree of the team. The stadium it self is beautiful and modern while maintaining the original Yankee Stadium feel. The most tangible connection the stadium has with the past is Memorial Park, and the Yankee museum. These sights help to keep the story of the Franchise alive and connected with the present.

2. Progressive Field.

Indians Progressive was an great experience because of the passion my friend had for the team and for the city (the amazing tickets may helped as well). When Progressive was built it was during a period when teams began to realize that going to a baseball game was more then a seat, it was an experience. Progressive delivers on this concept. The stadium is also located in a great neighborhood with restaurants of every variety. Since the Indians are resurgent this season, the fan base is energized and supportive of the team which makes watching a game there exciting.

3. Fenway Park

Red Sox Going to Fenway is like going to a museum chronically the history of a team that has more then its fare share of downs. The stadium its self is beautiful and full of character. The problem with character is that not all seats have a view of the game! I found this to be the most frustrating part of my visit. Paying sixty dollars for seats with no view of home plate is outrageous. This does not seem to bother the loyal and passionate supporters of the team. The neighborhood surrounding the stadium is full of great places to eat and hangout after the game. Like the stadium many of the places have their own “Green Monster”, which makes an after game meal feel like you are eating in the outfield of Fenway.

4. Target Field

Twins Target Field is what people in Minnesota do in the summer. Even though the team is not competitive this season the stadium is always full of enthusiastic fans ready to cheer for Joe Mauer (The hometown hero). The stadium its self is sleek and modern, and full of regional food. The major drawback of the stadium is the lack of public transportation options, and a general lack of eating and places to hanging out near the stadium after the game options.

5. US Cellular Field

White Sox Visiting the White Sox was one of the worst stadium experience of the summer. First being the neighborhood in which it is located. It has no restaurants (except for a few hot dog stands). The neighborhood its self is a little rough, and the final reason is that if you make the mistake of sitting in the upper deck (which I did) you will not be able to visit the rest of the stadium. The concourse which is available to upper deck visitors was average at best. Visiting the stadiums was not all bad, there were a couple of positive experiences. First being the hot dogs at the stadium are amazing! the second being the “exploding” score board. US cellular was also the only stadium in which I saw home runs hit.


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