The New Normal

Since leaving Thailand, for my new home in Morocco, I have had to change the way I approach traveling and life. After traveling Asia for five years, I thought I knew how to travel and what to expect while traveling. The lessons and knowledge necessary to succeed and thrive in Asia do not always transfer outside of Asia. Over the last year the hardest shift in thinking has been, “what does it mean to travel?” In Asia, the purpose of traveling was to experience new things, going through difficult experiences to “discover” something amazing. While in Europe, this thinking will leave you dissatisfied. Over the last year, I have tried to relearn what it means to travel again. The rules of Asia are not the rules of Europe. The biggest shift is in the WAY I travel. Instead of  visiting small towns, nature-based destinations, and Asian mega cities where I would sample street food instead I focus more on visiting cities and “soaking” in the hundreds of years of culture. The new normal is now pretending to be a local in a European city, by hanging out in cafes, picnics in the park and staying in apartments.  If I was to apply the principles I learned in Asia, then it would  strip my new experiences of their value and meaningfulness. This is something I had to learn the hard way.


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  1. hbrstaff says:

    Love it Mike! Good observation and self-awareness.


    1. This is a new season, and it is about time for me to take stock of what I am doing.


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