Traveling to the South of Morocco

Sometimes there is only so much Casablanca a person can take, without leaving for some fresh air and sunshine. That place of refuge is Mirleft an eight-hour road trip to the south of Casablanca. It here that a person can sit and read a book on the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves crash against the shore without being disturbed by cars honking their horns or sound of passing traffic.

Mirleft is a relic of the colonial era. Dusty a little worn out and fully of character. “downtown” Mirleft is a dusty lane with colorful Art Deco buildings housing cafes and restaurants serving fresh tajines. In Mifelt a coffee is to be enjoyed while seated at the street side cafes watching the colorful mixture of laid-back surfer types mingling with traditionally dressed Moroccans on their way to the weekly market.


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