5 of the most magical places in the World

5. Portugal


Why???   Portugal has everything a traveler would want from a country.


Madeira is a beautiful sub-tropical island with hiking, crystal clear water, hidden coves, and epic coastline.

Lisbon and Porto are super cool. Both have an art scene, good food and excellent places to get lost in.

Sinta is the definition of magical. Fairytale castle on top of mountains, hidden passageways and a fairytale village surrounding it.

4. Laos

Why? Laos is the land before time, with a little effort it is easy to find your own piece of paradise.


The 4000 islands are the ideal place to hang out and watch life drift past.

Luang Prabang is a beautiful town with charm to spare.

3. Slovenia

Why?? Because it is both super cool and beautiful.


Ljubljana is super cool and there isn’t a bad restaurant in town.

Lake Bled is a beautiful town with a picturesque lake (You will take pictures of it).

2. Iceland

Why??? A Better question would be why not? It has almost everything a traveler would want (except a true summer).


Reykjavik is the gateway to Iceland. The city itself has a charming fishing village feel (Also has really good food) and has beautiful views from the promenade.

1. Indonesia


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  1. Katie Dizon says:

    I’ve only been to two of five…I guess it just means more travel for me!


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