The Levant Winds of Tarifa

Much as the Levant winds carries the exotic fragrances of Africa to the shores of Spain, so does it bring travelers in search of endless beaches and a place to get away from the hectic struggles of everyday life.


Traveling to the South of Morocco

Sometimes there is only so much Casablanca a person can take, without leaving for some fresh air and sunshine. That place of refuge is Mirleft an eight-hour road trip to the south of Casablanca. It here that a person can sit and read a book on the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves…

Venice during the “Off season”

Traveling to Venice can be overwhelming and not worth the time, money and effort during the high season. For those that cannot live without experiencing the romance of Venice, there is hope. During the winter “off season,” the crowds are smaller and easier to avoid. It is also during this time a year that Venice…