10 memories from 10 years of traveling.

Over the course of 10 years of traveling I have experienced both the good and the bad of traveling around the world.


5 of the most magical places in the World

These are 5 of the most magical places I have visited.

Relics of Empire

Casablanca is a gritty modern city, building for the future. With a little work one can look beyond the modern face of Casablanca to find relics of its colonial past. These relics are often ignored or forgotten by the local population and the tour buses racing between Casablanca’s modern wonders.

Magical Lake Bled

In the mist of winter, Lake Bled is a fairy tale land waiting to be discovered.

Great Moroccan Road trip Part 2

Like any good road trip there was car troubles. The car overheated four times on a three hour drive to Marrakesh. After visiting numerous places that appeared to be able to fix cars, we finally found a place that could “fix” the car. Part of this “fixing” required the mechanic to pull a large portion…