The Levant Winds of Tarifa

Much as the Levant winds carries the exotic fragrances of Africa to the shores of Spain, so does it bring travelers in search of endless beaches and a place to get away from the hectic struggles of everyday life.


Hassan II Mosque

One of the not so hidden gems of Casablanca. No visit to this gritty city is complete with out a trip to Hassan II mosque.

Magical Lake Bled

In the mist of winter, Lake Bled is a fairy tale land waiting to be discovered.

The New Normal

Since leaving Thailand, for my new home in Morocco, I have had to change the way I approach traveling and life. After traveling Asia for five years, I thought I knew how to travel and what to expect while traveling. The lessons and knowledge necessary to succeed and thrive in Asia do not always transfer…

An Ode to Bangkok

It has been five years since the I first moved to Bangkok. Over the years Bangkok has changed almost as much as I have. When I first arrived I knew no Thai, and I ate Khao Pak Gai everyday from six months because it was the only dish I knew. This did not stop me…

Fantasy Vs Reality.

There are two realities that would be travelers face. The first being how they image their dream destination. The second being the realities of said destination. Seeing a given destination as your dream destination, and not an actual place inhabited by real people, leads to disillusionment. Dream destinations are often developing nation. We travel to this countries for an opportunity to connect…