Favorite Places


Luang Prabang Laos


Luang Prabang combines everything I love. The city full of Asian culture and charm with Parisian cafes. After an afternoon of temples hopping the day can be topped off with an coffee and a pastry.  Luang Prabang was meant to be enjoyed savored like a French espresso.

Penang Malaysia


I love Penang for a multitude of reasons. The main reason, are the memories I have made in this city. My most cherished memory is when I took a nap in the park while waiting for my connecting train to Thailand, then awoke from my nap to watch a pick game of cricket being played in the same park. I also love how it welcomes me with amazing food after a long day of traveling. One of my favorite pass times is just walking around the narrow streets of Georgetown. It is here that travelers and the working class population mix over bowls of Chinese noodles.




 Rangoon (Yagon), Burma (Myanmar)

RangoonRangoon was the heart of the English empire in South East Asia. The city is a blend of cultures and architecture. From rugged colonial buildings to temples covered in gold. Rangoon is a city dusty city with treasures waiting to be rediscovered.



Paris France


Paris is my all time favorite place to visit in Europe. No matter how many times I visit there is always something magical about walking down the back streets of Paris. I particularly enjoy Paris in the winter. It is at this time of year that Paris really shines. During the winter is the best time to make the most of Parisian cafes. Since it is cold outside you do not feel about not doing anything.




 Lisbon Portugal

CIMG3406Lisbon is a city lives in the extremes. Either you love its rugged charms or it will leave you longing for Spain. Lisbon’s neighborhood is its best feature.Belem to eat custard cakes with a side of coffee. Or Alfama to catch a glimpse of yellow trolleys climbing the hills. Finally a trip across the river to Cacilhas for seafood and views of the city.


 Zurich, Switzerland

Blog post

Zurich is a city of that embraces nature. It has a lake, near by mountains, forest and hiking trails. Zurich is the city one wishes they could live in.While on the train you can imagine yourself running to town or going for a hike on the weekends. With that said Zurich is still a cool place to hangout and do things that one would do in a city.




 Berlin, Germany

Berlin Berlin has been the crossroads of the 20th century. Everywhere you look there is history, and for those willing to look for it there is also hidden history to be discovered. History isn’t just for museums, it can be found and lived. The Tempelhof airport has been converted into a park, and yes you can ride your bike down the old runway! Berlin is also a modern city with a distinct neighborhood vibe. It is city that is all things to all people (from Hipsters to retirees travel the world).



The Americas

New York City, USA

NYCNew York’s neighborhoods gives everyone what they want. Each of New York’s neighborhoods has it own personality. This allows for New York to be rediscovered each time it is visited. I have been visiting New York for years and each time I visit there is something new to be discovered. My favorite part of the city is all the different types of parks to be discovered. One of my favorites is the highline park, it allows you to still be in the city while enjoying nature.

 Chicago, USA

SAM_8896Chicago has east coast big city charm transported to the Midwest. It may not have as many tall buildings as New York City, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for with quality. The center of town if full of beautiful buildings temping you to look up at the architectural wonders. On top of great architecture Chicago some notable culinary adventures worth trying. First being the deep dish pizza. The second is the Chicago hot dog topped with a radioactive green pickle (Not to be missed!).



5 Comments Add yours

  1. renatemarie says:

    My very favorite place is Florence, Italy. I am in love with the birthplace of the Renaissance!


    1. I will put that on my list of places to visit.


  2. Mike O'Mara says:

    Great list. Can’t wait to see Berlin and Zürich.


    1. Thanks, is there any places that you think I should check out?


      1. Mike O'Mara says:

        I haven’t spent enough time there to be a real authority, but Croatia seems to be the place to be right now.


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