Azemmour is an example of what Medina life would be like without Riads, touts, and tourists. What makes Azemmour an attractive destination is its atmosphere. The maze of brightly colored houses, and people doing what they do in the Medina is what makes Azemmour worth a visit.

 El Jadida

SAM_5466El Jadida is a coastal city with a beautiful beach and a well preserved Portuguese fort. El Jadida also has amazing food. It is well worth a day trip.


SAM_7977Safi is located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. it is known for great surfing and pottery. Most of the colorful pottery made and sold around Morocco is produced in Safi. In Safi you can visit the pottery kilns and buy straight from the producers. this is both a fun and inexpensive experience. As a whole, Safi is a beautiful town that offers a low hassle Media.


SAM_7905 Marrakesh is the “Jewel” of Moroccan tourism. The problem with Marrakech is that there is way too much tourism money flowing into the city, and too many people looking to take advantage of tourists. Thus making a journey through the ancient Median more of hassle then it is worth .With that said, staying in Ville Nuevo you can avoid unemployed youths looking for handouts, and you can enjoy the cafes without the hassle of the Medina. The main reason to visit Marrakech is for trips to the Desert and mountain biking in the Atlas Mountains.


SAM_8060 Rabat has it all. It has a Media full of life, it also has an Alcazar like the one in Seville (The same people built both), and it has Roman ruins. Rabat also boasts a laid back city center with cafes lining the streets and lovely green spaces. The city center is home to some great art nuevo buildings.


SAM_5722Essaouria ranks high on most people’s to do lists due to it proximity to Marrakech. Compared to Marrakech, it is a relaxing place to sun yourself while in Morocco. The Medina is of manageable size, thus it is very walkable. This is part of the fun of the Medina, being able to walk down the narrow streets, taking in the colorful doors of the residents.  Also, at sunset, a walk around the old Portuguese ramparts is the best way to experience the setting sun.


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