5 of the most magical places in the World

These are 5 of the most magical places I have visited.


The New Normal

Since leaving Thailand, for my new home in Morocco, I have had to change the way I approach traveling and life. After traveling Asia for five years, I thought I knew how to travel and what to expect while traveling. The lessons and knowledge necessary to succeed and thrive in Asia do not always transfer…

Sabaidee Lao

After living in Bangkok, Laos is like a welcomed oasis of cafes, bliss and nature. The street of Vientiane are quite and dusty, shops are closed by 6pm. It could be one of Asia’s most unassuming capitals. My favorite activity in Vientiane is walking the streets looking for the best cafe to drink coffee and read a book….

The new face of travel (growth of capitalism)

The face of travel is like all things is changing, for the better not likely. Traveling with a backpack use to mean forging your own path, seeing which way the wind will blow you, and enduring some unpleasant experiences. Each experience was to be taken, and cherished. You were forging your own path, exploring was never…