10 memories from 10 years of traveling.

Over the course of 10 years of traveling I have experienced both the good and the bad of traveling around the world.


5 of the most magical places in the World

These are 5 of the most magical places I have visited.

The Levant Winds of Tarifa

Much as the Levant winds carries the exotic fragrances of Africa to the shores of Spain, so does it bring travelers in search of endless beaches and a place to get away from the hectic struggles of everyday life.

Traveling as a Couple is Awesome!

5. It’s cheaper. The benefit of traveling as a couple is being able to split costs. Instead of staying in a $7 hostel you can now stay in a $20 hostel without killing your daily budget. Having two people can also be useful when traveling in  countries that serve large portions. Splitting meals is a great way to save money…

The new face of travel (growth of capitalism)

The face of travel is like all things is changing, for the better not likely. Traveling with a backpack use to mean forging your own path, seeing which way the wind will blow you, and enduring some unpleasant experiences. Each experience was to be taken, and cherished. You were forging your own path, exploring was never…

Thailand vs Malaysia (which is better)

After visiting Malaysia numerous times, and living in Thailand for four years. I have often wondered why more people love Thailand than they love Malaysia. If you wanted to sum up the two countries it would go like this. Thailand the hot younger sister that likes to take off her clothes and party, while Malaysia is…