10 memories from 10 years of traveling.

Over the course of 10 years of traveling I have experienced both the good and the bad of traveling around the world.


The Levant Winds of Tarifa

Much as the Levant winds carries the exotic fragrances of Africa to the shores of Spain, so does it bring travelers in search of endless beaches and a place to get away from the hectic struggles of everyday life.

Traveling to the South of Morocco

Sometimes there is only so much Casablanca a person can take, without leaving for some fresh air and sunshine. That place of refuge is Mirleft an eight-hour road trip to the south of Casablanca. It here that a person can sit and read a book on the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves…

Relics of Empire

Casablanca is a gritty modern city, building for the future. With a little work one can look beyond the modern face of Casablanca to find relics of its colonial past. These relics are often ignored or forgotten by the local population and the tour buses racing between Casablanca’s modern wonders.

Hassan II Mosque

One of the not so hidden gems of Casablanca. No visit to this gritty city is complete with out a trip to Hassan II mosque.

Great Moroccan Road trip Part 2

Like any good road trip there was car troubles. The car overheated four times on a three hour drive to Marrakesh. After visiting numerous places that appeared to be able to fix cars, we finally found a place that could “fix” the car. Part of this “fixing” required the mechanic to pull a large portion…

The New Normal

Since leaving Thailand, for my new home in Morocco, I have had to change the way I approach traveling and life. After traveling Asia for five years, I thought I knew how to travel and what to expect while traveling. The lessons and knowledge necessary to succeed and thrive in Asia do not always transfer…

What type of expat are you?

1. Colonizer This person has traveled to a distant country to dominate the resources of that country. when Colonizers arrives in new “home” the first they do is  find locals to aid them in their goals. Second they make use of their local contacts to make their life as comfortable as possible. Colonizers will have comforts…