The Levant Winds of Tarifa

Much as the Levant winds carries the exotic fragrances of Africa to the shores of Spain, so does it bring travelers in search of endless beaches and a place to get away from the hectic struggles of everyday life.


Relics of Empire

Casablanca is a gritty modern city, building for the future. With a little work one can look beyond the modern face of Casablanca to find relics of its colonial past. These relics are often ignored or forgotten by the local population and the tour buses racing between Casablanca’s modern wonders.

Top 5 Places of 2013

5. Ronda (Spain) 4. Bailey’s Island (Maine) 3. Canary Islands (Spain) 2. Lake Makta (Macedonia) 1. The Desert (Morocco)

Top 5 Cities of 2013

5. Minneapolis Hipsters, bikes and outdoor spaces are some of the reasons why I enjoy visiting Minneapolis. 4. Brussels  Frites, and the blending of the old Europe with new Europe. 3. Madrid Hanging out in neighborhoods, taking in the art history of Spain, and picnics in the the Park! 2. Paris Every time I visit…