Ko Lipe

SAM_4278Ko Lipe is a island paradise in the south of Thailand. It is everything you are told Thai beaches should be. The best part is that during the off season the island is basically deserted. You can have your Thai dream beach and avoid the hassles of other tourist.


Chiang Mai (And surrounding areas)

SAM_5286Chiang Mai is the other part of Thailand. It is the mountainous north. Chiang Mai is a change of pace from the rest of Thailand. The region has a long independent history from the center of Thai power. As a result food, accents and temples are different from the rest of the country. Chiang Mai is the perfect staging ground for visiting the surrounding country side. The city its self is a mixture of old and new. The city center is full of ancient temples, while the streets are lined with both chic cafes and street food carts. At night the streets are filled with night markets. Which are great places to eat Thai street food.




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  1. therealerice says:

    Can’t agree with you more on the Thai Middle Class Fads. I admit I was into the Krispy Kreme hype before, but once I tasted it I realized Daddy Dough was way better.


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